Vacuum Pumps for Sale

Vacuum SA is based in Cape Town, and has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for use in the composites industry, and has vacuum accessories, systems and vacuum pumps for sale.

Bubble removal, vacuum or pressure?

Fans of vacuum degassing say remove the bubbles form silicone and resin and there is no need to compress the bubbles. Fans of pressure say after vacuuming you can still entrain air when pouring resin into the mould.

Make Replicas of Models

Make as many replicas as you like of your favourite things, whether for pleasure or profit, using silicone rubber moulds, liquid casting plastics and a Speedivac product suitable for your application.

Join a growing South African market in making jewellery, trophies, toys, mechanical parts or just about anything!

Cost Effective

High Ultimate Vacuum


Low Maintenance

Vacuum Pump Suppliers

Vacuum SA supplies reliable, quality, rotary vane Vacuum Pumps for sale at a cost effective price. These Vacuum Pumps form the basis of all products within the Speedivac range, from individual small Vacuum Pumps for sale, to Resin Infusion SystemsVacuum Degassing Chambers, and Pressure Chambers. Delivery can be arranged to areas within South Africa.

Visit for detailed information on making moulds and castings using your Speedivac product, Smooth-on’s handy booklet covers everything you need to know to make professional products. The booklet covers all the basics and more advanced techniques, as well as offering useful information on material selection. Click here to download the booklet as a PDF.

Smooth-on’s products are available from AMT Composites in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. If you would like to attend a hands-on training in mould making, working with silicone’s and casting resins, resin infusion or if you would like to have a better understanding of composite materials AMT Composites run Saturday training sessions. Their courses offer an opportunity to learn from experienced, helpful trainers and you can obtain your Smooth-on materials at the same time.