Pressure Chamber

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Speedivac "Silent ten" Pressure Chamber

  • 24 cm diameter x 24 cm height
  • 10 Litre chamber
  • Chamber may be operated vertically or horizontally
  • Operating pressure 60 PSI
  • Compressor, low noise, maintenance free
  • Chamber shelves provided for vertical and horizontal operation

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Bubbles in castings affect the structural integrity of the casting, and in clear castings the bubbles create cosmetic defects. The Speedivac “Silent 10” pressure chamber is used to create a pressurised environment for resin and silicone castings while the material solidifies to prevent the formation of bubbles in the casting. When a casting is exposed to 60 PSI pressure in a chamber during the material curing process, any bubbles present in the casting are compressed to an invisible size creating clear high-quality castings.

The pressure chamber is simple and safe to operate and is fully portable and can be moved and relocated by one person to work in areas where needed. The low noise level allows the pressure tank to be used in work areas without being obtrusive. The chamber may be used in either the vertical or horizontal position allowing for greater versatility. The pressure chamber is fully automatic and can be operated for extended periods without supervision.

The time for the pressure chamber to reach 60 PSI working pressure is about 90 seconds when the pressure tank is not pressurised and about 45 seconds when the pressure tank is pressurised. For more information on the The Speedivac “Silent 10” pressure chamber or for general information on pressure casting please contact us.