Vacuum Gauges

East to Use, Cost Effective Vacuum Gauge

For measurements below atmospheric pressure, one requires a Vacuum Gauge. An invaluable tool for measuring vacuum, all Speedivac Vacuum Degassing Chambers and Resin Infusion Pump Stations are supplied with a Vacuum Gauge for monitoring the evacuation process from start to end. Typically Vacuum Gauges are marked both in the Imperial System using Inches of Hg (Inches of Mercury) and in the international unit of measurement, the mbar.

Analog Vacuum Gauges

A Bourdon type Vacuum Gauge is a budget priced Vacuum Gauge that does not adjust to the atmospheric pressure at the altitude at which it is used.
For example: The atmospheric pressure in Cape Town is ± 1000 mbars, but in Johannesburg the atmospheric pressure is ± 850 mbars. The Bourdon Gauge will read differently in Cape Town to the reading in Johannesburg.

50mm Bourdon type Gauge

  • Readings from 1000 mbar to 0 mbar and 0 inHg to -30 inHg
  • 1/8 NPT male rear mount

These units are sold as part of our vacuum systems only. This web page is used for information purposes only. For more information contact us.

Vacuum Pressure Gauge Readings

Most Vacuum Pressure Gauges are designed to measure pressures ranging from atmospheric pressure to a pressure of absolute zero. The Bourdon Tube type Analog Vacuum Gauges are budget friendly type gauges that are suitable for low vacuum pressure readings within many commonly used applications that reach an ultimate final vacuum of 1 Mbar. A reading on Bourdon type Gauges may be influenced by external factors such as altitude at which the measurement is taken and fluctuations in weather conditions.