Vacuum Breach Unit

High Quality, High Temperature Vacuum Breach Unit / Vacuum Bag Connector South Africa

A Vacuum Breach Unit (VBU) or Vacuum Bag Connector is most commonly used in bagging, resin infusion, or other applications to provide an airtight, leak-free seal between a Vacuum Pump, resin trap, or vacuum reservoir and a vacuum bag or airtight bag where vacuum pressure is required. The Vacuum Breach Unit is a two-part, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, reusable connector that connects the vacuum bag to the vacuum hose.

Speedivac Vacuum Breach Unit

A two-part reusable stainless steel and aluminium VBU with heat resistant seal and cutting edge to cut a hole in the vacuum bag. For more information contact us.

How to use a Vacuum Breach Unit

The purpose of a Vacuum Breach Unit / Vacuum Bag Connector is to create an airtight connection into a composite layup during the resin infusion or vacuum bagging process.
The base (aluminium) portion of the Vacuum Breach Unit is placed on the inside of the vacuum bag and fastens to the upper (stainless steel) portion of the VBU. A convenient built-in cutting-edge assists in precision perforation through the bagging film. The upper portion of the Vacuum Breach Unit compresses down onto the outside of the vacuum bag, sandwiching the heat-resistant silicone seal and providing a leak-free resin infusion or vacuum bagging system. The Speedivac Vacuum Breach Unit is reusable and designed to withstand high temperatures of up to ± 230 degrees Celsius, and is therefore also suitable for heat-assisted, oven, or autoclave applications.

Features of Speedivac Vacuum Breach Unit

  • Reusable
  • Two-part unit for easy connection
  • Lightweight
  • Chemical resistant and non-corroding
  • Heat-resistant stainless steel and aluminium
  • Heat-resistant silicone seal (Up to 230ºC)
  • Built-in cutting edge forms a precision hole through the vacuum bag
  • ¼” BSP standard thread size connection
  • Machined knurled edge for extra grip
  • Suitable for heat-assisted, oven and autoclave applications